BEAST OF BURDEN with Daniel Radcliffe, Laurence Fishburne and Grace Gummer

BEAST OF BURDEN – action/thriller starring Daniel Radcliffe. I am pleased to announce we are in full principal photography in our studio in Savannah. Think “Phone Booth”, starring Colin Farrell -but Radcliffe in a plane. The rest of the cast is rounding out beautifully, as well – see yesterday’s Hollywood Reporter (below). Btw, this is the second movie our fund, WYSJ MEDIA has provided financing for a film together -I am happy to be leading the fund with my partner, Sean Glover, and with our partner, Wei Wang, in China. Bianca Goodloe you are amazing as our attorney – simply the best !

We will announce our domestic distributor soon, as they are firmly on board, as well. The filming is going so well, we have a very happy cast, director and crew, and the set is running like a fine old Rolex. This is a wonderful script by Adam Hoelzel and our director from Sweden, Jesper Ganslandt is truly amazing. Producing partners, Paul Schiff (our second movie together), Michael Diamond and Dan Reardon are incredible, along with our fearless leader on set, line producer, Rene Besson.

Next up in 2017 – – four more movies coming up and ready to go (one a quarter) – some in Georgia, Chicago, Vancouver, Cologne, and Paris. Excited, but definitely need a vacation!


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Savannah GA – Tonight it’s a wrap for BEAST OF BURDEN! Three words to describe the gentleman below (Daniel Radcliffe): talented – committed – kind!

After producing / financing 9 movies in just under two years – it’s time for a VACATION! On my way back to LA LA Land first, for the holidays, on x-mas eve – this will be a tough one this year without Mom, we miss her so!

Wrapped on the Movie COUP D’ETAT with Sir Michael Caine

Producer Mary Aloe and Sir Michael Caine on set in Savannah on Coup D’ Etat

Last night we wrapped Coup D’Etat! Our production was based on the incredible “black list” script comedy starring Sir Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush, Jason Biggs and Seth Green. Written and directed by Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse, it is the story of a young rebellious girl who writes a dictator in another country for a homework assignment. The dictator gets the letter while getting overthrown by his country and he ends up on her door step in America. At 83, Michael Caine is not only one of the most talented actors in the world, but a kind, eloquent – true English gentleman. Besides being a two time Oscar Winner, only he, along with Jack Nicholson, are the two actors that have been nominated for an Oscar every decade since they each started their careers. What is your favorite Michael Caine movie: “Cider House Rules”, “The Man Who Would Be King”, “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”, “Alfie”, “Blame It On Rio”, “Batman Begins” – there are so many!

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment Announce Mickey Roarke joins TIGER

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment announce principal photography has begun in Cincinnati on the true story from R3M Productions in association with Grodnik / Aloe Productions.

Mickey Rourke Joins Sikh Boxing Movie ‘Tiger’

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Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment Team Look at Why Does America Love the Boxing Movie

Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team were discussing why does America like boxing movies. Mary Aloe pointed out that there have been about 46 boxing movies over the years, some of which have done extremely well critically, financially, and are award-winning, as well. As an Aloe Entertainment team member started singing the ROCKY theme, Mary continued, “Rocky I, III, and IV have each garnered over $110M in the last 30+ years and the first outing for Sylvester Stallone won the team a Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Editing kudos from the Oscar gang.” Big stars, such as Will Smith, Paul Newman, Robert DeNiro, John Wayne, Christian Bale, James Earl Jones, and Daniel Day-Lewis have lent their talents in a boxing movie. “Hilary Swank won the best Actress Oscar and Golden Globe for MILLION DOLLAR BABY in 2005″, an Aloe Entertainment team member reminded the group. Yes, “Mary Aloe included, “and a SAG and many critics awards. GIRLFIGHT, with Michelle Rodriguez did verywell, too.” “Yeah, it’s definitely not just a guy pic,” one of the Aloe Entertainment developers added.

“This year, we have already seen Jake Gyllental in SOUTHPAW and will also see the release of HANDS OF STONE, with DeNiro, and CREED, a spinoff of the ROCKY pictures, bring back Stallone as the trainer to Apollo Creed’s grandson,” said Mary Aloe. “And the WHIPLASH kid, Miles Teller, is making one for a 2016 release, BLEED FOR THIS, a team member at Aloe Entertainment added, “that guy can’t get away from bleeding hands.” “Did you ever wonder why boxing movies do so well, yet boxing matches are losing their appeal,” asked Mary Aloe to the Aloe Entertainment team, “Everybody loves and underdog! And feats of athletic prowess, and heroism, and, of course, getting the girl.”
Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team have partnered with Daniel Grodnik and Mass Hysteria to bring a terrific boxing story to the screen next year called TIGER. It is based on the true story of an Indian man, to be played by Prem Singh, who is banned from the sport of boxing because he wouldn’t compromise his religious convictions and stood up for his rights. Prem Singh is also the co-writer of the screenplay along with his partner, Michael Pugliese, who will also play an important role in the movie. We are also starting preproduction on AMERICAN BRAWLER on October 6th in NYC. Mary Aloe, president of Aloe Entertainment stated, “I am very pleased to bring Daniel’s expertise and skills to our prestigious project. I look forward to partnering with Dan on many projects in 2015 and onward. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment are pleased to announce the VOD release of 10,000 SAINTS

After a small theatrical release in 25 cities in the U.S., Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment are pleased to announce that our greatly reviewed movie – 10,000 SAINTS – is now available on VOD. Please support it, you will love it!

Mary Aloe Discusses the Successful Producer and Tax Credits

The team at Aloe Entertainment asked producer Mary Aloe about using tax credits and incentives. “Yes, excellent question,” Mary began. “Almost every state in the union, including the District of Columbia and many areas of Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver, have very generous tax credits and incentives to include pre or post production and filming in their territory. Aloe Entertainment has used these beneifts for the betterment of our projects.”

“Georgia and Louisiana are the most generous right now”, says Mary Aloe. Georgia’s incentives include:  20% transferable tax credit + 10% if production includes Georgia promotional logo in credits, or other negotiated placements, $500,000 minimum spend through single or multi-projects in single year, compensation included for non-residents, $500,000 cap; however, PSC, loan out or 1099 contractor not subject to cap. Recent filming in Georgia is the new Tom Cruise film, MENA; the new Tina Fey comedy; and the TV show, THE WALKING DEAD. One of the Aloe Entertainment team piped up, noticing, “Louisiana had FANTASTIC FOUR  and the new JURASSIC PARK movies, plus a Clooney movie and THE BIG SHORT with Pitt, Gosling, and Bale.” The Louisiana credits and incentives include:  30% transferable credit for in-state expenditures (Louisiana vendor), above-the-line resident and non-resident labor costs qualify, additional 5% credit for the first $1 million of each Louisiana resident’s payroll, $300,000 minimum spend, no annual or per production cap, tax credits can be certified and eligible for transfer after $300,000 spend, but before production ends, tax credits can be certified and eligible for transfer twice for free, then $250 for each additional certification, credits can be redeemed with the State at 85% face value, and credits can be used to offset corporate or individual Louisiana tax liability. The Aloe Entertainment team and Mary Aloe think tax credits are vital to an independent film budget or any film budget.

“These are but a few of the advantages to producing your film in various states, including California, and in Canada to optimize the use of your budget and make the best movie possible,” Mary Aloe said in closing to her Aloe Entertainment team.

Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment Team on Producers, Producers – So Many Producers


It takes a village…to make a movie.

You may wonder why there are so many names and types of producers in the credits of a movie. Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team have had their names on various movies as Executive Producer, Producer, Production Company, and others. You may wonder, “what’s the difference?” “Why are there so many producers on a movie and what do they do?”

There are many facets to making a major motion picture; many balls to juggle, you might say. The script development and financing phase, the pre-production phase, the filming or production phase, the post-production phase, and the distribution and marketing phase. In general, the Producer(s), like Mary Aloe, generally oversee all aspects of the production, as mentioned above. An Executive Producer(s) deal with the financing and budgeting of the picture. The Line Producer manages the day-to-day operations of the production – hiring/firing, keeping the filming on time and on budget. A production company, like Aloe Entertainment, may be involved in all or some of the aspects of the making of the movie, such as the budgeting, scheduling, scripting, the talent, any physical resources for the production, the organization of staff, distribution, and marketing. Then there are various co and associate producers that could be writers or other creatives with clout or ones who assisted the other producers in a significant way, but not necessarily active on a day-to-day basis.
Sometimes too many producers can spoil the production, but most times it is just the evolution of putting together a movie – the years spent in getting a project to the theaters – that causes the movie credits to fill up. Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team are very proud of the movies they are involved in producing, such as BATTLE IN SEATTLE, MARY, TIGER, TIMOTHY HILL RANCH, and others. Working with the artists and creatives of all kinds, whether in financing, filming, editing and other aspects of post-production, or distribution and marketing, is hard work, sometimes lasting many years. But when you are passionate about a story you want to tell, the ups and downs and the frustrations and delights merge into a product of which to be proud.
It’s like a baby….it takes a village.